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Exceeding Expectations


Our professionals will play as much or as little of a role in the creation or review of your contract, as required. 

Our wide range of contract services includes:

  • Non-disclosure Agreement

  • Software-as-a-Service Agreements (cloud-based)

  • Software Agreement (on-premise)

  • Master Services Agreements

  • Independent Contractor

  • Intellectual Property Agreement

  • Severance Agreement

  • Employment Agreement

  • Marketing Agreements

  • and more! 

​If you have a question about an existing agreement, need a standard template, or are looking for advice as to the terms in your contract, we are here to offer professional advice.


Are you looking to make your business official?  Rishor Consulting Group can help with entity selection and company registration.


Contract negotiation is an important part of your business needs.  Coming to an agreement on legally binding terms ensures the contract is mutually beneficial for both parties and that the business relationships is free from conflict and confusion.

Rishor Consulting Group has extensive experience in contract negotiation.  Our team is here to help negotiate terms and provide you with valuable advice regarding contractual terms to protect you and your business. 

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